Is February Too Late to Make Resolutions?

Well, January started off with the best of intentions..and I find myself almost at the ides of February. My how time moves! By this time, most people have decided that crash dieting, being nicer, cleaning more, it’s easier to just to fall back into a state of apathy. I currently find myself stuck here, do I attempt to “do” more and live out my resolutions? I feel great when I accomplish things, but starting a project or task seems quite daunting. Especially when lengthy articles are assigned for class. Does it REALLY matter if I keenly read these thirty pages? Or can I skim by just getting the basic concepts. The answer is..well NO. you can’t do that. but it’s ok to test it sometimes.

I have gotten to the point where I have clearly established interests and if something doesn’t quite fit, well, it’s just not getting done. It’s a really immature attitude, but I think my happiness is better realized watching Grey’s Anatomy/Desperate Housewives marathon (12 pm to 3 pm people,daily!) on Lifetime or taking safe rides to the ice cream store that is literally .5 blocks away at 11 pm. In the efforts of saving face, I am going to attempt to take on a resolution that I know will really really bother me: getting up before class to do small workouts. Having mono has really been a downer on my half-hearted attempts to get back into shape for rugby, and while I have been nervous to exert myself, my little has convinced me that it is entirely a mind over matter issue. Ipso facto: I found out I had mono literally when I got the off the plane in Vegas…and then I resolved to have a great time sober. Fast forward 13 hours..I am dancing on tables with some of my fine ass friends. If I put a commitment towards going out and having a good time, it gets done, the same resolve should echo in more serious matters.

Along the workout trend, I honestly find the Token Fat Girl Blog to be completely inspiring and hilarious.

I want someone to cook for me, specifically a house elf that will feel responsible to do most things for me. It seems less expensive than an assistant.

Babysteps, babysteps.