hey there,

if you happened to stumble across this, there is still time to turn around and erase it from your memory!

post-graduation can be tricky, let’s be honest. i am living out the post-college in chicago, taking in the sights and sounds as a volunteer in a faith-based program. my posts provide insight into my daily musings, interactions, and sometimes the inconceivable encounters that i am privy to. i currently live with fifteen christian brothers and one female volunteer. talk about a recipe for an up and coming reality show on the e-network. i currently work in development, and i am trying to soak up everything i can to eventually work in development full time at a university or high school.

i love being active. you can typically find me running on the lakefront in chicago, getting my ass kicked at 6 AM in crossfit, nomming on some pho with my housemate in chinatown, running from one social engagement to the next, or passed out somewhere from exhaustion (typically the red line, going north to south). i like dunkin donuts, but nothing beats east coast dunkies. i would rather spend that extra dollar on a craft beer than have the commoner’s miller lite (call me elitist, i’m just being calorie conscious). i’m picking up a midwestern accent and i’m really not upset about it. thrift shopping for things i don’t need is my new hobby. i get a not-so-secret thrill from saving money. i indulge occasionally in “low-calorie” tv programming and happen to think the Wizard of Oz is the greatest movie.

follow the golden rule, and never settle for anything short of your expectations.

i do enjoy formalwear quite extensively.

i do enjoy formalwear quite extensively.

love always,




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